Contract Disputes

Whenever a business dispute arises, the contract is always the first place the parties look in search of an answer. The language used in many business contracts can be quite complex, however, and it can be difficult for the parties to understand their rights. In situations like these, having an experienced Houston contract dispute attorney can help to ensure that your business interests are protected.

At the Law Offices of Ben Dominguez, we provide skillful, results-oriented representation to clients on both sides of these cases. Whether you feel that your contractual rights are being violated or you need help defending against such a claim, we are prepared to provide the representation you need.

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Working To Preserve Good Relationships

Good business relationships are the foundation of every successful company, and business owners often spend years developing them. Contract disputes have the potential to tear even the strongest business relationship apart. When you hire our firm, work hard to resolve the matter amicably. There is a lot to lose in these disputes, and we are committed to resolving them in a way that preserves the relationship.

Our firm has extensive experience resolving disputes involving all types of contracts, including the following:

  • Vendor agreements
  • Service contract agreements
  • Contractor agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Position contract agreements