Rear-End Or Head-On Collision

When people hear the term rear-end accident, the first thing to come to mind is often a minor collision that might involve a minor case of whiplash and nothing more. This is an extremely widespread misconception. In reality, rear-end accidents can result in serious damage to vertebrae and injuries to the knees, head or torso due to contact with the dashboard, steering wheel or windshield.

Victims seeking fair compensation for injuries suffered in a rear-end accident can face significant challenges. In many cases, the assistance of an experienced Houston rear-end accident lawyer can help to ensure that the claim is taken seriously be the insurance company. At the Law Offices of Ben Dominguez, we represent auto accident victims throughout the Greater Houston area.

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Reliable Representation From A Head-On Collision Attorney

Head-on collisions can be extremely dangerous. When one car crosses into oncoming traffic and collides with another vehicle at full speed, an actual impact speed in excess of 70 miles per hour is easily attainable. Victims can suffer serious head and neck injuries, skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other injuries. In the most extreme cases, victims can even be ejected from their vehicles.

Many of these accidents are caused by distracted drivers who are making phone calls, sending text messages or are otherwise distracted. We seek to hold negligent drivers accountable when their actions cause serious injuries to innocent people. We pursue full and fair compensation on behalf of every client and work to ensure that all your current and future needs are covered. To learn more about your representation options, call our Houston auto collision attorney today.