Security Guard Assaults

Security guards provide an essential presence that helps to ensure the safety of apartment complexes, shopping malls, office buildings, entertainment venues and other places. The law is clear, however, with regard to their authority to use certain levels of force in a given situation. When security guards overstep their authority and innocent people are injured or killed, victims and their families have the right to take legal action.

At the Law Offices of Ben Dominguez, our Houston, Texas security guard shootings attorney has experience handling a broad range of cases involving security guard negligence and misconduct. No matter what the circumstances surrounding the incident may have been, we encourage you to have your case reviewed by a lawyer if you feel that excessive force may have been used against you.

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Seeking Justice For Victims Of Negligent Security Guards

Security guards are specially trained on how to handle different levels of conflict. Physical contact, chemical sprays and firearms should only be used under very specific circumstances. In too many cases, though, security guards seem to ignore the rules and take matters into their own hands and use a level of force that fully outweighs the conflict.

Our firm has represented clients in a wide variety of cases involving incidents of unwarranted assault, pepper spray and shooting by security guards. We have also handled cases involving wrongful vehicle pursuits that resulted in injury, as well as cases involving security guards who were hired even though a documented history of inappropriate conduct existed.

We work closely with you to understand the circumstances surrounding your incident. We identify the negligent parties and pursue actions against the security guard, his or her employer, the venue and others as appropriate to your case. We build the strongest possible case to support your claim and seek full compensation for the harm you have suffered. Call our Houston attorney today and explore your representation options.