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Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

People who drive under the influence are much more likely to cause a motor vehicle collision than sober drivers. An intoxicated driver’s reaction time is slowed and their judgment is impaired. Because of this, drunk driving accidents are more serious and often result in severe, life-changing injuries.  At the Ben Dominguez Law Firm, our drunk driving accident lawyers understand how devastating these types of accidents can be for the injured driver. Our legal team will do everything in their power to hold the negligent driver accountable and help you recover the compensation you need for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.

Drunk driving accident lawyer

How Can a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney Help?

When you contact the Ben Dominguez Law Firm after being involved in a motor vehicle collision caused by an intoxicated driver, our drunk driving accident lawyers will immediately investigate the collision and any contributing factors, including any bars or parties where the other motorist may have consumed alcohol prior to causing the auto accident. Our legal team will fight to get you the compensation you deserve for all of your accident-related expenses. 

Our attorneys can also help by:

Investigating the Accident

A drunk driving accident attorney on our legal team will visit the accident scene to gather evidence, such as:

And more.

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

A drunk driving accident lawyer on our legal team will handle all interactions with the insurance company and ensure they don’t pressure you to accept a lower settlement than what you deserve. We’re familiar with the tactics insurance companies try to use to minimize payout and we will not back down until you receive maximum compensation.

File a Lawsuit

If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, we will prepare your case for trial. During this time, we will continue to negotiate with the insurance company. Fortunately, these cases are often settled out of court.

Drunk driving accident lawyer

What Are Drunk Driving Legal Procedures?

Legal procedures related to drunk driving, often referred to as driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, can vary by state. However, there are common steps and processes involved in dealing with drunk driving cases, including: 
When law enforcement arrive at the scene of an auto accident and suspect one of the drivers is intoxicated, they will perform the following tests:

Field Sobriety Tests

Upon suspicion of impairment, officers may ask the driver to perform field sobriety tests. These tests assess a person’s physical and cognitive abilities. Common field sobriety tests include the walk-and-turn, one-leg stand, and horizontal gaze nystagmus.


If law enforcement has probable cause to believe that a driver is under the influence, they may arrest them. The arrest may be based on a combination of observed impairment and failed field sobriety tests.

Chemical Tests

After arrest, the driver is usually required to take an evidentiary chemical test to determine their BAC. These tests can include a breath test, blood test, or urine test. Refusing to take these tests can lead to license suspension or other penalties.

What Are the Legal
Consequences Of Drunk
Driving Accidents?

In Texas, as in many other states, drunk driving, or driving under the influence, is a serious offense with both criminal and civil liability. The consequences for drunk driving accidents in Texas can include:

Criminal Charges

Individuals arrested for drunk driving in Texas may face charges such as Driving While Intoxicated, if their blood alcohol content is over the legal limit, or Driving Under the Influence, if they are under 21 with any detectable amount of alcohol in their system.


The penalties for a DWI or DUI conviction can include fines, probation, community service, mandatory alcohol education programs, and jail or prison time. The severity of penalties increases with the driver’s BAC, prior convictions, and other factors.

License Suspension

A drunk driving conviction in Texas often results in the suspension of the driver’s license. The length of the suspension can vary based on the specific circumstances of the case.

Civil Liability

Drunk drivers can be held civilly liable for the harm they cause in accidents. When an impaired driver causes an accident resulting in injuries or property damage, they may be sued by the injured parties or their insurance companies.

2021 Texas Drunk Driving Accident Statistics

Over half of the car accidents in Denton – 51.3% to be precise – were the result of only 5 negligent actions by drivers in Denton in 2021. The most common causes of car accidents reported by the Denton Police Department in 2021 were:

Drunk driving accident lawyer


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Do Insurance Companies Pay
for Drunk Driving Accidents?

Insurance companies usually cover damages resulting from accidents caused by drunk driving, but the coverage details can vary based on the insurance policy.


At-Fault Driver's Liability Coverage

The liability coverage of the driver who caused the accident is intended to cover damages to others involved. Damages can include medical expenses, property damage, and other losses resulting from the collision.


Coverage Limits

The amount of coverage available depends on the liability limits of the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. If the damages exceed these limits, the at-fault driver may be held personally responsible for the excess amount.


Criminal Consequences

Driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated  is a criminal offense. Insurance coverage is not affected by the driver’s criminal actions. However, the negligent driver may face legal penalties, including fines, license suspension, or imprisonment.


Impact on Insurance Premiums

A DUI or DWI conviction can result in increased insurance premiums for the at-fault driver. Insurance companies may view these convictions as an indicator of higher risk.


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If the at-fault driver does not have insurance or they are underinsured,  the victim’s own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage may come into play. This coverage protects the insured driver in events where the at-fault party lacks sufficient insurance.


Insurance Policy Exclusions

Some insurance policies have exclusions for intentional acts or criminal behavior. While driving under the influence is considered negligent, the intentional act exclusion may not apply in all cases.


Lawsuits Against the Intoxicated Driver

Victims of drunk driving accidents have the right to seek compensation beyond insurance coverage. This may involve filing a lawsuit.

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