Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident

The weight and massive size of a truck can make them an unstoppable and dangerous force in an accident. A passenger vehicle just doesn’t stand a chance when it’s up against a semi-truck. After an accident, not only will a victim have to deal with their own insurance company, but they will also have to handle the truck driver’s insurance company, the driver’s employer’s attorneys, and other parties that may be involved. The complexity of these types of cases can make it difficult and almost impossible for accident victims to handle alone, which is why a truck accident lawyer Texas should be contacted as soon as possible. An attorney can help an accident victim to recover the losses due to a serious truck accident and will hold all parties responsible.

Big Truck Accident Attorney

A Texas 18-wheeler accident lawyer at the Ben Dominguez Law Firm has the fortitude, knowledge, and experience necessary to deal with this type of complex case. An attorney will take over communication with insurance adjusters and a large trucking company, and handle any red tape involved. Because building this type of case can be costly, time-consuming, and complicated, hiring an attorney will be the best way you can ensure you receive maximum compensation. An experienced lawyer understands that you have a long path to recovery after this type of devastating accident. A lawyer from the Ben Dominguez Law Firm will fight hard to recover the compensation you need to cover lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Truck Accident Injuries

The injuries sustained from this type of accident are often severe, due to the sheer weight and size of the truck. Truck accident victims can sustain soft tissue damage, organ damage, fractured bones, paralysis, or death. The passenger vehicle bears the brunt of the damage in this type of accident, while the truck driver is often left safe inside their cab.

Determining Fault

A truck wreck attorney’s job will be to investigate the accident to hold every negligent party responsible. This can include the driver, the driver’s employer, the company that loaded the truck’s cargo, or even the truck or trailer’s manufacturer. The parties that are held responsible will depend on the cause of the accident. For example, if the truck’s brakes went out, and this caused the crash, a lawyer will look at the truck’s vehicle inspection and maintenance record. If the truck has not had routine maintenance for several months, or it was noted in the past that the brakes needed to be replaced and they were not, the lawyer will go after the employer. They will also look at the driver’s driving log. Long haul truck drivers are required to take a break after fourteen consecutive hours of driving. If the driver did not take an adequate ten-hour break when they reached the daily driving limit, then they are at fault.

If the truck’s cargo was loaded incorrectly, causing the cargo in the trailer to shift, the company that loaded the cargo can be held responsible if poorly loaded cargo caused or contributed to the accident.

How a Commercial Truck Attorney Will Build a Case

As you can see, these types of cases can be very complex and require extensive research, evidence gathering, and often, the help of expert witnesses. Your attorney will speak with any eyewitnesses, send an investigator to the crime scene to look for evidence, and hire accident reconstruction experts. The attorney must provide proof that the truck driver and any other parties involved were negligent. An experienced lawyer will have the knowledge and resources to investigate and build a case against all parties that are at fault.

What to Do Following a Truck Accident

Immediately after an accident, gather as much evidence as possible, before the trucking company has time to send anyone out to gather evidence and clean up the scene.

Gather Evidence

If you’re able to, after the accident, use the camera on your phone to document the scene of the accident, including photos of all vehicles involved, the road conditions, images of street signs, any debris in the road, and inclement weather. Take photos of anything that could have contributed to the accident, such as down traffic lights, or damaged roads.

Medical Treatment

Seek medical attention immediately. Even if you don’t think there are any serious injuries. Unfortunately, a collision involving a semi-truck often involves severe injuries. Follow the ER physician’s treatment instructions and make an appointment with your physician for follow up care. It’s crucial that you attend all of your doctor and therapy appointments and closely follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations.

Your attorney will use your medical records as proof of the severity of your injuries. If you skip medical appointments or you don’t follow the treatment protocol, the insurance company will try to use this against you as proof that your injuries are not as severe as you claim they are.

Avoid Contact with Insurance Companies

Do not speak to the driver’s insurance company. Victims of a truck accident need to beware of incriminating or leading questions that an insurance company will ask them, in an attempt to trick them into saying something that could harm their claim. Never accept a settlement offer or sign anything from an insurance adjuster, until you’ve spoken to an experienced truck wreck lawyer.

Seek Legal Representation

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Any delay in contacting the insurance company can hurt your claim.

Contact a semi-truck accident lawyer. Contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. After a consultation, the lawyer will begin building your case.

Truck Accident Attorneys Near Me

The Ben Dominguez Law firm has been handling complex truck accident cases throughout Texas for decades. Our team of experienced lawyers has an excellent track record for success when up against major trucking companies. We will fight to hold all the at-fault parties responsible for your losses to win the compensation you need to cover lost wages at work, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Contact the Ben Dominguez Law Firm today to schedule a consultation to review your case.